Buy Car Insurance Online And Save Money

Buying car insurance online. Is it safe? Most of the time, it is. Our website is very secure and we provide the lowest available car insurance rates offered by the best companies in the US. Therefore, when you purchase coverage from us online, it is an extremely safe experience.

Why Are Your Rates The Lowest?

We spend countless hours refining and updating this website so that consumers can enjoy the lowest published rates from America’s best auto insurance companies. Our software provides automatic updating of policy discounts and selects the carriers that are most likely to save you the most money. If a company in your area reduces their premiums, we’ll know about it.

For example, if Company “A” has extremely high vehicle rates in your area of the state, we will try to exclude them from the quotes that you view. Conversely, if “Companies “B” and “C” have great rates, we’ll try to ensure you are able to quickly view their policies, and apply as easily as possible. This way, you spend your time viewing companies that will save you money instead of companies that will charge you a higher rate than you are paying.

How Many Companies Should I Request Quotes From?

There is no best answer, but generally between two and four companies will give you a wide range of rates to do a good comparison. Sometimes rates will be almost identical between different carriers. However, there may be a tremendous difference in premium that could potentially lower your rate by hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. It’s not uncommon for two very large and respected insurers to quote vastly different premiums in the same area.

The reason? Every company underwrites their risk differently. For example (and this is hypothetical), Allstate may offer incredibly low rates in Chicago for males between the ages of 25-30. Geico’s rates might be 40% higher. However, Geico’s Chicago rates for females the same age might be 25% lower than Allstate! Each car insurance company uses their own underwriting methods in an attempt to keep their rates as low as possible. Thus, since it’s so hard to predict which company will offer the best rates, you need to view multiple quotes.

How Long Does It Take To Approve My Application?

car insurance rate quoteThe approval process usually does not take long. After the driving record is verified and the underwriter has reviewed the application, an offer is made. Applying online is the quickest method with approval times ranging from 1-10 days, depending on the company. Remember, that there is no obligation to accept the offer if the rate is not acceptable or is higher than anticipated.

We understand the importance of getting policies issued as quickly as possible. If you apply for car insurance coverage through a link from our website, you may be amazed at how quickly and efficiently your contracts are approved. And you can always cancel a policy any time.

When Am I Paying Too much For My Auto Insurance?

Maybe you are now. If your premium keeps increasing as your cars are depreciating, it might be time to request a free quote from us (See the top of the page). Of course, you may NOT be paying too much for your policy. The only way to find out is to compare specific rates and coverage with a few other companies and see how much you can save!

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